REPRO Rising Virginia is a strong and trusted leader in the fight to establish laws and policies that ensure real, reliable, affordable and timely access to abortion, contraception and other reproductive health services for every person in Virginia. We work with community and state-based partners to connect this work to a broader reproductive health, rights and justice agenda. In all our efforts, we seek to center the needs and voice of those most affected by reproductive injustice. We are committed to deepening our understanding and practice of intersectionality and justice, in both our internal operations and external programming.

Ultimately, we seek to ensure that every person in the Commonwealth of Virginia, has access to comprehensive and high-quality reproductive health information and services free of stigma or coercion.

Mission Statements

REPRO Rising Virginia’s mission is to develop and sustain a constituency that uses the political process to guarantee every individual has the right to make personal decisions regarding the full range of reproductive choices, including preventing unintended pregnancy, bearing healthy children, and choosing legal abortion.

REPRO Rising Virginia works to educate Virginians and officeholders about the broad range of issues encompassing people’s reproductive health and rights. We also work to advance proactive policies, protect against anti-choice legislation, and elect pro-choice candidates at the state and local levels of government. RRVA is a 501(c)4 organization.

REPRO Rising Virginia Foundation’s mission to support and protect, as a fundamental freedom, every Virginia’s right to make reproductive choices.  This mission is accomplished through support of education, training programs, and public policy initiatives. RRVA is a 501(c)3 organization.

Who We Are

REPRO Rising Virginia is a state-level, grassroots advocacy and political organization supported by thousands of members, volunteers, and activists throughout the Commonwealth.

What We Do

EDUCATE: We keep Virginia’s public, policymakers, and media informed on the state of reproductive rights and health care in the Commonwealth and up-to-date on policy developments and news.

ADVOCATE: We’re the voice of pro-choice Virginians with state and local policymakers, advocating in Richmond and around Virginia to protect and support access to abortion, birth control, sex education, and the full range of reproductive health care.

ORGANIZE: Our network of grassroots activists and volunteers across Virginia take action to stand up for reproductive rights, educate their friends and neighbors, and make their voices heard with policymakers and the media.

ELECT: To change the balance for reproductive choice in Virginia, we must hold anti-choice politicians accountable and elect more lawmakers who share our values. We identify and support strong pro-choice candidates for state office in Virginia and work to get out the pro-choice vote.

You can join the fight to protect reproductive freedom by becoming a REPRO Rising Virginia member today! Stay up to date on our work by joining our Choice Action Network email list, or by following us on FacebookTwitter, and reading our blog.

Values and Norms

INTEGRITY, TRANSPARENCY, AND TRUST: Bringing our best selves to our work and honoring our role and contributions to our greater team. Letting our shared values as outlined in this document guide our work and decision-making. We trust our fellow team members to follow-through on the work they commit to doing in a timely a thorough manner and to communicate if a timeline/deadline needs to be changed with offered alternatives. We aim to be transparent in our decision-making, understanding that transparency can be a tool to disrupt imbalanced power dynamics. We aim to be explicit in our internal communications. We work with the shared assumption of positive intent in our interactions.

EQUITY: We will prioritize the belief that different lived experiences, particularly those within connected systems of oppression, add value and richness to our work and our team. We treat different perspectives with respect and curiosity, while recognizing we are not owed explanation or education. We seek to both center our team members who live with less privilege and actively de-center those who live with more, understanding that creating a better future for people at the margins creates a better future for all. For those with privilege, we seek to advance our own personal knowledge of intersectionality and equity, understanding that it allows us to be more successful in our work and more supportive of our team. We trust and believe the lived experiences of our team members.

COMPASSION AND APPRECIATION: We own our mistakes and recognize mistakes in others as an opportunity for support and guidance, not punishment and/or resentment. We understand people have different work styles, and each way is valued and appreciated. We treat our team with compassion and dignity. We actively and proactively show appreciation for other’s work, recognizing the time, effort, skill, and resiliency required to work in this movement. We recognize and appreciate that we are all working together to make bodily autonomy a reality.

HEALTHY AND SUPPORTIVE WORK CULTURE: We recognize that we are more than our work – that we have loved ones, hobbies, and personal needs that we aim to honor and respect, and that our health and wellbeing outside of the workplace is integral to success in our mission. We prioritize creating an environment where personal time is respected, balance is encouraged, and both mental and physical health are supported. We actively seek ways to prevent burnout and show support to our team. We understand that health and support can show up as different things for different people, and all are valued. Team members support and encourage each other, being available to step in/share the workload, to prioritize wellness and sustainability for others. We recognize that we can only do this work when we take care of ourselves, and that our work is important but not always urgent. We encourage re-prioritization when necessary to best take care of ourselves. We trust each person’s judgement when it comes to their needs.

MULTIFACETED GROWTH & PROGRESS: We understand that this work is part of a larger movement that will continue past our time and tenure. We work towards an end goal but recognize that every goal is made up of small steps. We actively push back against urgency, over-extension, and the need-to-do-it-all when possible, instead recognizing that progress takes many forms and each, no matter how big or small, contributes to our mission.

COLLECTIVE POWERWe believe that we can only dismantle systems of oppression – including but not limited to white supremacy, cis-hetero patriarchy, and capitalism – through building collective power. We recognize that power is not a zero-sum game, but rather that our power is amplified when we work together towards our common goal. We commit to being transparent about when our tactics/strategies are in tension with our partners’ goals. We believe that conflict can be generative and we aim to lean into tensions, when appropriate, to create new ideas, solutions, compromises, and relationships both internally and externally. Understanding we are part of the non-profit industrial complex, we seek not to maintain our own individual/organizational power, resources, and control but rather to work together within our team and with movement allies to realize our shared vision for the future. We aim to focus on authentic partnership by holding ourselves accountable and welcoming feedback/criticism from each other and our partners.

REPRO Rising Virginia Foundation

REPRO Rising Virginia Foundation is our 501(c)(3) arm, protecting and supporting reproductive freedom and health care access through research, education, strategic communications, outreach and organizing

REPRO Rising Virginia PAC

REPRO Rising Virginia Political Action Committee identifies and endorses strong pro-choice candidates for state office in Virginia and supports them through campaign contributions and direct voter contact. 

REPRO Rising Virginia, 501(c)(4) federal tax ID number: 41-2051991
REPRO Rising Virginia Foundation, 501(c)(3) federal tax ID number: 77-0611790
REPRO Rising Virginia PAC, Virginia State Board of Elections ID number: PAC-12-00660